Published: 09/02/2018 By Bianca Keating

As promised we are bringing you another feature on Interior Design, and this week we are focused on the Kitchen. A little recap for those of you missed last week’s Overall Trends Blog - colours, textures and patterns are all in for the predicted trends and white, greys and beiges are out!  This is also evident in Pantones influential colour the year – a vibrant shade of purple – 18-3838.

The Kitchen is often considered the heart of a home, where friends and family come together over the love of good food or good wine. It is the first point of call for most, to have a morning coffee or cup of tea before we begin the day ahead. So what predictions are there for the kitchen? Well again we have rounded up various commentators such as Elle Decoration, and Idealhome to bring you the predicted Kitchen trends of 2018, one thing that is consistent throughout each commentator is vibrant shades and colours are trending this year as well as innovative ideas for the kitchen.  
So according to Elle Decoration blue and green cabinets are in, as well as anything violet which coincides with the pantones Colour of the Year.  Dark coloured countertops and high contrast marble with bold veining, anywhere in the kitchen is a trend this year however one could say this is quite a classical look and timeless trend.    

Houzz have recommended some innovative ideas such as, Porcelanosa’s Krion Solid surfaces which have incorporated antibacterial surfaces using K life technology, giving you that extra peace of mind and cleanliness. Furthermore, its resistance to heat and fireproof properties mean that this solid surface can be in contact with any heat source without being damaged which is a massive bonus!   Dedicated chopping boards and baking stations are ideas Houzz has said will be big this year, and I’m sure all the cooks of the kitchen will love this!  Hidden range hoods and fish scale backsplashes are trends we will be seeing in 2018. Houzz also says dining table and chairs will feature more than islands, within the Kitchens and finally again more colour less white!

Idealhome trends say kitchens are going to incorporate “broken plans” where spaces will be divided by furniture. This theme is consistent with Houzz as they have also suggested table and chairs are in as opposed to islands. Again statement patterns are a recurring theme in the kitchen, as well as copper and gold colours. The innovative idea Idealhome is suggesting is boiling water taps for the kitchen, this idea is not cheap however but can be considered to be long term cost effective tool  and could save users a significant sum, particularly those who regularly boil their kettle. The convenience of having boiling water ready from the tap is time saving for those who do not have a lot of time on their hands and want that instant cuppa!
If you have enjoyed reading our blog about interior designs then you’re in luck as we have two more segments focused on, Bathrooms and the Garden to follow.

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