Interior Design Bathroom Trends

Published: 21/02/2018 By Bianca Keating

This week’s blog is focused on current bathroom trends. In our previous blogs we have looked at the overall trends for this year including kitchen fashions. One could say the bathroom stands out as the place in our homes where we relax and unwind after a long day, whether it be taking a long hot shower or having a nice soak in the bath. It’s a place in our homes where we have some time alone to contemplate the day’s events or the day ahead.

Again we have looked at various commentators such as Pinterest, Grand Design Magazines and and can give you a roundup of their predictions for this year.
Grand designs predict mosaic tilling on floors and walls giving a hotel theme, as well as sleek wood effects especially pale Scandi wood effects. Luxury I think is the key for Grand designs, if size is not an issue then his and her bathrooms are a trend for 2018. I’m sure everybody reading this would find that idea very appealing! Standalone baths are the style for 2018 although whilst this classical look is very elegant it does tend to rely on the size of your bathroom.

Houzz say glass screens over baths as opposed to shower curtains, this is a more modern look but at having looked at reviews on these can be a bit of a pain to clean, however they have given a few ideas on keeping them sparkling. Trough or bucket sinks are another trend however we are not sure if these ideas will actually take off.

Pintrest say resort inspired bathrooms with rattan furniture and plants being used for the interior design for bathroom.  To give them that luxury spa feel!

Next week we will be bringing you the final update on interior design, focused on the garden. Last week we had a few days of glorious sunshine, so let’s see if we can give you some ideas to improve your garden in plenty of time for summer.

As estate agents we are always interested in the current trends and how home owners and landlords could possibly improve their properties whether that be for yourself or future tenants. At Lawson Rutter “assuring you of our best attention” is our motto. So if you are looking for a New home for your family, whether it be to buy or rent. Or you are thinking about putting your property on the Market then why don’t you give us a call for a free non obligatory valuation.