After a bit of a rocky start

Published: 19/05/2016

Well, after a bit of a rocky start, spring has warmed up a lot and we have even seen a fair bit of the sun. Of course, these things never last and the weather still seems to be very changeable. So, as we head towards the final Bank Holiday before the summer I, for one, am not making any predictions, but I’ll be keeping my fingers crossed for the best!

The brighter weather has seen a good up-tick in the number of enquiries we’ve had for properties for sale. Of course, the warmer weather brings the buyers out from their winter lull. However, with the recent changes in the buy-to-let market, there has been a lot of talk about landlords selling their properties and flooding the market with new homes for sale.

Well, so far, we haven’t seen much sign of that and I’m not expecting it to make any real difference to the market locally. Of course, that could change with the Brexit referendum, but we’ll look at that in a bit more detail next month. For now, everything is ‘steady as she goes’.

So, if you have a house or a flat that you’re thinking of putting on the market, why not give us a call and we can take a look and give you a good idea of the price you can expect to get for it.

That will do from me, for now, I’ll look forward to either hearing from you in the near future- or catching up with you, again, next month.